Touching the Massage Profession one cool stone at a time.

LaPolar Stones was created by Patricia Warne, a LaStone Therapy instructor and human resources representative. As a LaStone Therapy instructor Patricia is known to most of us as the Polar Queen which was given to her from her hydrotherapy background. In April of '98 Patricia learned from her mother that she had a cousin who lived in Montrose, Colorado and that he was presently doing a theater show with Dennis Weaver in Ridgeway, Colorado. Patricia's Mom was adamant that she meet her cousin as soon as possible, and that's really where it all began.

Once Patricia and Rick met, it seemed that their paths were obviously meant to cross. Shortly there after Patricia approached Rick with an offer to assist her and her husband Patrick with the fabrication of white marble stones for massage therapy. Although quite primitive in these stages of fabrication, Rick became excited with what Patricia and Patrick had shared with him, and immediately moved the operation from their driveway to Rick's backyard in October of '98.

At that time, the operation consisted of one small two wheeled green lapidary polisher, and one ten inch green shaping saw. Which was erected on two wooden saw horses and placed outside behind Rick's garage.

The marble was the next piece of the puzzle that needed to be acquired for production of the stones. Fortunately, the Yule-Marble quarry now known as Sierra Minerals Corp. was located in Marble, Colorado, only an hour and a half away from Rick's home in Montrose.

The first trip to the quarry was incredible. The beauty of the mountains and the crystal clear streams was breathtaking, as were the signs at the base of the mountain that read "Travel beyond this point must be capable of self-rescue." "Fourteen known avalanches..." "Four-wheel drive capability only." So with a deep breath and a silent prayer to spirit we proceed.

Once the marble was acquired from the quarry and safely brought back off the mountain, the next endeavor was how a 2,700 pound block of white marble was going to be unloaded from the back of the pickup.

It wasn't too long after working in the open air arena that it was realized that some sort of a shelter would be comforting to say the least. Rick decided to move into his 8x10 lawn shed and growth seems to be inevitable.

Things are going great. Rick's cutting stones and attending classes with Patricia to learn more about the energies as well as the application of the marble stone. Within a few months Patricia has a dream and approaches Rick with a proposition she claims he can not refuse. She dreamt and was told in a dream that Rick would be selected as the Steward of the Marble Stone and LaPolar Stones is born.

It was not long after this that Rick realized that he would need help and recruited his wife Dawn and father Max to assist him in hand crafting the marble stones... Then they outgrew the lawn shed and realized that they needed newer equipment so they purchased and built four wooden 10x10 sheds and Rick and his Dad designed and fabricated a new machine to polish and shape the stones. Growth was inevitable.

Now the new buildings must be filled with more people to make more stones, because now the three of them can no longer keep up with the demand, despite the fabrication of the new equipment.

Two months later Rick's vision in honor and respect, to his taking on the stewardship, wishes to create a one stop shop where students and instructors alike can acquire all of the needed tools for LaStone Therapy.

He immediately goes into town and acquires a new location of 2200sq ft for the new home of LaPolar Stones Inc.

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