The Care and Feeding of your stones

Your Marble and Basalt stones have all been pre-seasoned (similar to a cast iron skillet) with a nurturing oil. We suggest JOJOBA for it is also a good carrier for essential oils, thus allowing you to personalize your stones with a touch of your own aroma therapy.
The Marble and Basalt stones can be bathed in warm soapy water (preferably organic cleaner) and then laid out to dry. Re-oil each one, taking time to get to know them. Learning the curves, crevasses and markings, that have formed over the eons. These natural makings bring power to the carrier or user of the stones.
When you should clean and re-season is your prerogative; although, we suggest after each use. Take good care of your stones, as they are taking good care of you. After cleaning you may store your stones in a couple of different ways. Return them to a special place in your bedroom or home where you can display the stones. Maybe on a table top or window sill. They may be medicine wheeled or just simply laid out to your own creative taste. Other ways to store your stones in which the stones can be recharged are to place the Basalt stones on the deck, garden, or roof top, or wherever you have available. They love the sun of the day. The marble can also be laid out in the same place , but only during the night. The sun will damage and dry out your marble. The best nights to re-charge your marble is on the nights of the full-moons; again laying them out as you like.
Both the Basalt and the Marble love the water….babbling brook, streams, and creeks. Alluring a refreshing connection back to the Mother Earth. If you are fortunate enough to be close to one, then please treat your stones to a wonderful natural cleansing. If natural surroundings are not available, then the bath tub and a cool shower will still show your love. Stones have energy or frequencies just as all substances have. The sun, moon and water help to bring back the energy lost when they are doing their work on you, your loved one and your clients.

Remember it's about balance.


Creates balance of mental and emotional steadiness, physical equilibrium, and connection back to the Mother Earth from which all has come thus creating harmony and an aesthetically pleasing integration of elements.
Massage with the Stones:
Massage is an art that affects our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical being. Not only do we massage muscle and skin, but all parts of the body are affected by our touch. We suggest the user of the stones be centered and clear in order to allow energies to flow through so that the person receiving the massage will be able to receive the gifts of healing. Whether you're giving a massage or doing a self massage.
Listen to the music as you do your massage, dance with the stones as your hands move over and around each muscle. Slow down for the curves of the body; let the person feel their whole body as one. Glide to the music from the foot, our grounding point, up the left leg of support and reception, over the tension and strength in the back, and out the right leg of sharing and release. Remember, to stay in/on the muscle tissue and avoid applying pressure to the bones.

Think about these things while doing a massage with the stones. The stones come from Mother Earth, just as we do. Our energies are very similar, and the stones have been and will always be willing to aid humans in healing memories as well as the releasing of blocked pain in the physical body. Start wherever you like; the feet and hands have many pressure points that can be worked and released. The neck and back, it is truly your call as to what the body is asking for. The human body "remembers" the connection to the Mother through the stones. That's why a stone can work deeply and send the body into a state of relaxation. A light cover of a good massage oil is recommended to assist in the movement of the stones and adds sensuality to the massage. Again be creative and dance with the stones as they are caressed across the body. Let the body and stones work together.

These kits are a great intimate as well as a therapeutic and practical tool. They are versatile in that the basalt may be put in warm water to be heated, and the marble may be kept in the refrigerator, freezer, cooler or even at room temperature, and used immediately. So say good bye to every day stress and headaches, tension and tightness.
Use them on the go or in the privacy of your home. Display them as pieces of art.
Share them and their energies…..
Find the Balance and re-connect with the Mother Earth!


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