LaPolar Stones sends a packet of documentation with each order of stones, giving instructions on the practical use of your set of stones, and how to take care of them. If you lost, misplaced, or just want another copy, you can get it here -- Or if you just want to catch up on your marble facts, read on and discover why marble is the true missing link to the hot stone massage.

Why The Marble? ... And How it Completes the Basalt.

The most therapeutic application of stones in a massage or spa treatment is in their heated and chilled forms. To offer 'hot stone only massage' is only half the picture. Like the Yin without the Yang, the use of hand-crafted, polished, white marble stones to deliver cooling temperatures is a natural balance to the dark, ocean tumbled basalt used to warm and sedate the body.

Cold, used alone on the body, is a powerful decongestant, pushing fluid and wastes out of overworked, chronically tense, or inflamed tissues. Cold can interrupt the pain-spasm-pain cycle. In cooperation with heated stones, chilled marble stones create a dramatic movement of fluids within the body. This is healing due to the cleansing and nourishing effect of vascular gymnastics (alternate constriction/dilation of blood vessels). Cold offers a challenge to the body, so it is tonifying, or strengthening, to several bodily systems, especially the immune system.

Chilled marble stones are not as powerful as ice, which has a property called the latent heat of fusion. This chemical property accounts for the power of water to expand when frozen, as well as the burning power of steam. Water, frozen and evaporated, is extreme in its' effects on the body. This is beneficial in the right measure, as evidenced by steam baths and cryotherapy. In massage, cold marble stones have the advantage over ice, in that stones do not desensitize the skin, as ice can, so soft tissue manipulations and mobilizations will not be taken beyond the client's tolerance.

At room temperature marble is eleven degrees Fahrenheit, cooler than any other stone in nature. This begins an answer to "Why Marble?".

Stone Therapy is more than just another relaxing experience because it provides a number of therapeutic benefits such as an increase of blood circulation, an increase of the body's metabolism, a decrease of tension, and a decrease of tissue stiffness when using a hot application with the stones. When using a cold application with the stones, Stone Therapy causes an increase of muscle tone, an increase of the body's stimulation, a decrease of pain, and a decrease of inflammation or swelling.

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La Polar Marble Stones

La Polar marble stones are individually handcrafted and are “The Missing Link” to hot stone massage. Regardless of the hot stone treatment, without La Polar marble it is only half the treatment.

Used on the body alone, La Polar Stones work as a powerful decongestant, pushing fluid and wastes out of the overworked, chronically tense, or inflamed tissue. Cold will increase microcirculation, affecting change on a cellular level.

The marble’s incredible ability to hold cold, and also absorb heat is profound. Cold marble is much softer than ice without the inconvenience associated with melting. The stones can be used at various levels of cold, such as direct from the freezer, refrigerator, ice chest, or simply at room temperature.

When used in conjunction with hot stones the effect is simply amazing. The benefits for blood flow, rejuvenation of the muscle tissue, reduction of inflammation and pain is also remarkably profound.

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The Care and Feeding of your Stones

Your Marble and Basalt stones have all been pre-seasoned (similar to a cast iron skillet) with a nurturing oil. We suggest JOJOBA for it is also a good carrier for essential oils, thus allowing you to personalize your stones with a touch of your own aroma therapy.

The Marble and Basalt stones can be bathed in warm soapy water (preferably organic cleaner) and then laid out to dry. Re-oil each one, taking time to get to know them. Learning the curves, crevasses and markings, that have formed over the eons. These natural makings bring power to the carrier or user of the stones.

When you should clean and re-season is your prerogative; although, we suggest after each use. Take good care of your stones, as they are taking good care of you. After cleaning you may store your stones in a couple of different ways. Return them to a special place in your bedroom or home where you can display the stones. Maybe on a table top or window sill. They may be medicine wheeled or just simply laid out to your own creative taste. Other ways to store your stones in which the stones can be recharged are to place the Basalt stones on the deck, garden, or roof top, or wherever you have available. They love the sun of the day. The marble can also be laid out in the same place , but only during the night. The sun will damage and dry out your marble. The best nights to re-charge your marble is on the nights of the full-moons; again laying them out as you like.

Both the Basalt and the Marble love the water….babbling brook, streams, and creeks. Alluring a refreshing connection back to the Mother Earth. If you are fortunate enough to be close to one, then please treat your stones to a wonderful natural cleansing. If natural surroundings are not available, then the bath tub and a cool shower will still show your love. Stones have energy or frequencies just as all substances have. The sun, moon and water help to bring back the energy lost when they are doing their work on you, your loved one and your clients.

Remember it's about balance.


Creates balance of mental and emotional steadiness, physical equilibrium, and connection back to the Mother Earth from which all has come thus creating harmony and an aesthetically pleasing integration of elements.

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Massage with the Stones:

Massage is an art that affects our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical being. Not only do we massage muscle and skin, but all parts of the body are affected by our touch. We suggest the user of the stones be centered and clear in order to allow energies to flow through so that the person receiving the massage will be able to receive the gifts of healing. Whether you're giving a massage or doing a self massage.

Listen to the music as you do your massage, dance with the stones as your hands move over and around each muscle. Slow down for the curves of the body; let the person feel their whole body as one. Glide to the music from the foot, our grounding point, up the left leg of support and reception, over the tension and strength in the back, and out the right leg of sharing and release. Remember, to stay in/on the muscle tissue and avoid applying pressure to the bones.

Think about these things while doing a massage with the stones. The stones come from Mother Earth, just as we do. Our energies are very similar, and the stones have been and will always be willing to aid humans in healing memories as well as the releasing of blocked pain in the physical body. Start wherever you like; the feet and hands have many pressure points that can be worked and released. The neck and back, it is truly your call as to what the body is asking for. The human body "remembers" the connection to the Mother through the stones. That's why a stone can work deeply and send the body into a state of relaxation. A light cover of a good massage oil is recommended to assist in the movement of the stones and adds sensuality to the massage. Again be creative and dance with the stones as they are caressed across the body. Let the body and stones work together.

These kits are a great intimate as well as a therapeutic and practical tool. They are versatile in that the basalt may be put in warm water to be heated, and the marble may be kept in the refrigerator, freezer, cooler or even at room temperature, and used immediately. So say good bye to every day stress and headaches, tension and tightness. Use them on the go or in the privacy of your home. Display them as pieces of art.

Share them and their energies…..

Find the Balance and re-connect with the Mother Earth!

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The Balance of Yin-Yan - Marble & Basalt, Yin & Yang, True Complimentary Balance

The ancient Chinese philosophers used the Yin-Yang theory toe explain the changes that occur in nature. According to this theory, all things and phenomena in the universe contain two opposite aspects- Yin and Yang - which are, at the same time, both interdependent and in conflict. They may be seen as complimentary and yet also in opposition to each other. The Yin-Yang theory thus represents the law of unity of opposites. It implies the underlying unity as well as the manifest polarity of things, events, and processes.

Yin-Yang represents the two opposite principles or tendencies of one object or phenomenon in relation to another. It may also represent different and opposite aspects within the same object or phenomenon.

The ancient Chinese observed the principle of opposites in the nature events around them: day and night, light and darkness, waking and sleeping, activity and rest, summer and winter, growth and decay, man and woman, hot and cold, heaven and earth, sun and moon, etc….

The normal, health, functional, durable existence of everything in nature depends on the mutual enhancement and beneficial interaction of opposite forces.

On one level, when there is an antagonistic relationship between opposites this leads to destruction. However, from the larger perspective, the balance of nature is always maintained. Everything in the physical world has an opposite. Opposites also hold each other in balance and exert mutual control.

Yin nourishes, sustains, and controls Yang, and vice versa. Each thing depends upon its opposite in order to exist; thus Yin 'creates' Yang, and Yang 'creates' Yin.

Yin attracts Yang and Yang attracts Yin. The greater the difference the greater the attraction.

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This work is a combination of two amazing teachers on this planet. We combined Carolyn Myss, PHD’s work of the Sacred Truths of the Chakras with Jamie Sams work from the Medicine Cards and the Sacred Path Deck. After approximately six months of research and meditation, these are the symbols that we came up with to facilitate the balancing of the sacred truth within the chakra system.

1. Root Chakra Sacred truth: we are all one. The drum represents your tribe or family and is the first chakra stone.

2. Spleen Chakra Sacred truth: respect one another. This is the chakra of relationship. The turtle represents the Mother Earth. The second chakra stone helps bring balance to how you relate to the earth and all things upon her.

3. Solar Plexus Sacred truth: to honor yourself. The medicine bowl represents your personal medicine or power. This helps bring balance to that chakra center. I.e.: you may place sage, herbs, and things of medicine within this medicine bowl for an elegant personal touch.

4. Heart Chakra Sacred truth: divine love is the only true power. This heart chakra stone will bring love to the heart it is placed upon.

5. Throat Chakra Sacred truth: The place of surrendering personal will for divine will. The arrowhead represents speaking the truth of your heart through your heart chakra.

6. Third Eye Chakra Sacred truth: always search out the highest truth. We have two stones to choose from in the third eye area. The full moon represents feminine aspect. The spotted jasper or round basalt represents the masculine. You may choose to use either of these stones or both at one time, depending on how you are guided. Sometimes I put the stone that is not used on the third eye in the medicine bowl.

7. Crown Chakra Sacred truth: live in the present moment. This feather is representing your connection to the divine. From your crown connecting the crown chakra to the trans personal point.

Stones and visualization are used to balance and clear the chakra centers of the body. A chakra is an invisible center or vortex of energy. Each chakra is able to transmit or receive energy. There are seven chakra centers; when balanced, you will experience a sense of well being of mind, body, spirit, behavioral patterns and character.

The first three Chakras are below the chest: these are your lower Chakras. The heart and the top three Chakras are called the higher Chakras.

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Your Chakra Set

A couple of things you must know about your Chakras and their care. As with all of our marble stones at La Polar Stones, Inc, each of your Chakras are created, ground and polished by hand individually. This gives each stone its own shape, color, feel and personality, a lot like each of us. They require a certain amount of love, appreciation and respect... Enjoy them!

To love them is quite simple:

Accept them for what they are. Individuals stone with each their own special character. Also, as a set, we believe that for whatever reason may lie within, the chakra stones in your set were meant to be with you. Love them for their qualities, their powers and energies. Love them for they are to become an extension of you. Set your intention, to do so and they will never disappoint you.

Appreciate their different colors and shapes, perfections and imperfections. As with people, all are similar but no two are alike. Appreciate those who have created them for they were the first to mold and shape them to what they are.

Respect where they have come from. Honor the Sacred Mother for her gifts that she allows us to take and use for the better of all who experience their energies and witnesses their knowledge for they are the oldest elders of the earth.

To clean them, do as you do your marble sets. Soaps (bio-degradable soaps) are preferred. A soaking in the tub, sink, pool or river is a wonderful treat. Allow them to sit out overnight beneath the stars and the moon, but bring them in, in the morning. Direct sunlight is not preferred but the cool of the night is delicious. No salts. A touch of bromine is fine as a disinfectant. Medicine wheeling is fine. Massage oils add to each of their characters and actually give them a seasoning. The white is very vulnerable to stains. So be careful what you allow your stones to sit in as the longer the stain penetrates it, the harder it becomes to get white again, if at all.

Enjoy them!! You already know what they need. You knew the moment they arrived and you got your first glanced at them...and they know what you need. So simply enjoy!!

If for some reason you have a damaged stone, please give us a call.

In grace & beauty,

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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long does it take to receive my stones once I've ordered them?
A: Typically one to two days, but it will vary on your location. In many cases--depending on the size of the order, and how you pay--the stones are shipped the same day. If you paid with a check, it will take 10 days for the check to clear before the stones are shipped. If you paid with a credit card the stones will ship that day.

Q: Can anybody purchase these stones?
A: In most cases, yes. Please contact us for further explanation.

Q: Can I order individual stones instead of an entire set?
Yes. However, you may be better off to review some of our existing sets, you may find a set with everything you need at a more affordable price.

Q: I've lost my "Care and Feeding of the Stones" sheet that came with my order!! Can I get another?
Sure, just click here and print that sheet.

Q: How fragile are my marble stones?
They are extremely fragile! If you drop one on a hard surface, it may break, chip, or crack. As with any tool, we suggest you take special care and handling of the stones, to ensure maximum longevity of the stone.

Q: Where can I find information about LaStone Therapy Classes?
Visit Stone Clan Education Center, or La Stone Training Facility.

Stone Clan Education Center
736 65.30 Rd
Montrose, Co 81401
La Stone Training Facility
2919 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, Az 85716

Q: How can I pay for my stones?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Certified Check/Money Order, & Business Checks.

Q: Where is LaPolar Stones located?
In the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Montrose, Colorado.

Q: Where can I find out information about LaStone Therapy Classes?
Visit the "Education Center" section of this website, or contact LaStone Therapy at (520)319-6414.

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How to use the Home Massage Kit

Since the beginning of time man has used stones gifted from the Mother Earth for many purposes. For example; tools for building, protection, preparing of foods by crushing, rolling, mashing, and heating for warmth and for shelter from the elements. For cleansing in the sweat lodges, and for many purposes of healing, with crystals, sphere’s and the list of uses goes on and on. As with individual human beings, the stones themselves have great personalities and grand arrays of energy’s within each individual stone. The stones you have purchased are a great example of all of these characteristics.

These are not just a typical stone haphazardly picked to create some kind of a new gimmick to dazzle people with magical powers. These are stones that are used in the healing massage industry today known as LaStone Therapy, marketed as the Only Hot and Cold Stone Massage, that is all of what it claims to be and more!

Your stones were created to allow you, the common person, as well as the therapist, an introductory sort of kit that can be solely used at home, by most anyone with the littlest of ease in application creating an astounding result.

Your kit has 8 stones, 4 basalt, which may be referred to as hot stones, and 4 marble stones, which of course we refer to as the cold. Again, understand this is just a home kit and hopefully an introductory for you to explore more and baby yourself with the experience of an actual LaStone Therapy massage.

You will notice that your hot stones are rounded and smooth at one end and natural at the other. You will also notice the basalt stones are wedged and of various sizes as well. These are for the hot application and are to be warmed in a crock-pot type unit with water. Some prefer to add a drop or two of essential oil. The temperature must not be overly hot due to the fact you will need to hold the stone (natural end) while you apply the smoother, polished end to the part of the body you wish to work on. Obviously too hot can burn the tissue and too cool will not sedate the tissue enough to be effective. The stone once applied is now slowly massaged and worked into the area that needs to be loosened and worked out. Then you will notice four white marble stones. Some wedged and one round. These are to be applied to same way except the marble will be cold from being on ice.

The marble absorbs the heat from the inflamed tissue, and or muscle and sends fresh blood from the heart to this area revitalizing it, lowering the inflammation. You may use these in any combination all hot, all cold, or hot then cold. Play, experiment and experience the energy of the stones in your own home, on yourself, your loved ones, family, friends, even on your pets that suffer from arthritis. The marble will assist in toning down the inflammation of the joint.

For more information contact La Polar Stones, Inc  or call 970-249-2214.

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Verona Royale Pedicure Set Application - La Polar Therapy

In preparation to treatment be sure that all marble stones have been chilled and are stored in a bed of ice and all basalt stones are placed in the bottom of the footbath.

After the clients’ feet have been removed from the footbath and patted dry, use an oil or lotion to add moisture to the foot and calf area. Select the two small round marble stones from the ice and begin to massage the leg and foot, starting at the calf and working your way down. The massage should be slow and deliberate with the intention of getting the body accustomed to the coolness of the application. Four to six strokes from the calf down to the foot, including the bottom of the foot, should be sufficient.

Next, the therapist will elevate the clients’ feet, resting them as necessary on pillows or risers. This is done in order to prepare for the kneading stone. Once any needed adjustments have been made the therapist can now begin the application of the kneading stone. Starting with the heel, work your way towards the toes using a left to right, up and down kneading motion. Again, with the intention of applying deliberate pressure. This can be done two or three times, top to bottom on each foot. The marble kneading wedge may also be used on its’ side edge in the arch of the foot, using a pivoting motion. The bottom point of the wedge may also be used for deeper penetration, as well as reflexology and working trigger points.

After each foot has been thoroughly worked the scalene stone may now be applied. This stone can be used in conjunction with the bottom point of the kneading wedge for more specialized applications.

Once the therapist is satisfied or has reached the maximum effectiveness of the marble stones (when the stones have become warm), they may begin the application of the basalt stones. This is a real treat for the client. After removing the two basalt stones from the footbath, you will use these in a similar fashion to the two small marble stones you used in the beginning. Working from calf to heel, just enough to add a little warmth to the tissue.

After working with the basalt stones, both feet are rested on the athletic stones. Taking care that the arch of the foot rests comfortably on the arch of the stone. Again, use any means of rests to insure that the clients’ feet rest comfortably on top of the stones. Then you may now insert the eight toe stones between each of the clients’ toes.

Allow the client to relax and enjoy the coolness of the stones underfoot.

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'In grace & beauty,' - Rick & Dawn Bresett, owners LaPolar Stones, Inc.


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